Pastor Bob Fox

God has blessed me to serve this wonderful group of people since 2009. My  ackground but I was ordained in 1978 after serving five years as a Marine pilot during Vietnam. In my 30+ years of pastoral service, I have worked in Presbyterian, Vineyard, Baptist and Episcopal churches. Before all that, I was a born-again Catholic who studied to be a priest for awhile.

While I have an good academic background for serving a church ( BA History, MDiv Theology), whatever good I do as a pastor comes from the abundant grace of God. He is my life. I cannot tell you how much I love Him. I cannot adequately describe how well He has loved
me all my life. I met him at 8 and fell in love with Him as my Heavenly Father–right after my parent’s divorce when I really needed
more love. You can read more of how I got saved by clicking here.

My wife, Beth, still loves me after 49 years of marriage and I love her more now than I did when we married! Our four children all love the Lord a lot—thanks to God’s grace, a great mother in Beth and a lot of prayers by me. Now, we enjoy our 10 grandchildren, eight of which live locally.

God has filled me with a love for people. He made me a a pastor and I love seeing people grow to be spiritually strong, emotionally healthy followers of Jesus. My goal is to help each person discover who God made them. I encourage people to fail—to try new things in ministry, fail if necessary and try again. Our church is a safe place to find out what spiritual gifts and callings God has given you.

God has also given me a calling to serve pastors and churches in Hampton Roads pray so we can work together to bring God’s Kingdom to earth here and around the globe. In a sense, I feel called be a pastor to the region as well as to our church.

I guess you could call me a pastor with a missionary’s heart. My deepest burden is for lost people overseas who may never meet a real Christian, hear the Gospel or see someone healed in Jesus’ Name. But honestly, everywhere I go, my first question about people is this: will
they make it to heaven?

But God is more concerned about the salvation of people that I ever could be. That’s why I fervently believe that God is going to pour out a great awakening and revival across the world in the near future. I am trying to prepare our church and myself for the incredible  opportunities and demands that revival will bring. Billions will come to Jesus in our lifetime! Don’t you want to be part of bringing in that harvest Jesus purchased with His life?

Thanks for checking out all of our website. I hope it helps you. That’s our goal: to help you become and do all God has for you.

Whatever your destiny is, it is more than you could ever imagine, deserve or even understand. He is just that kind of God!

God bless you as you seek Him! If we can help, let us know.


Pastor Bob Fox